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Marks are one of the key elements in the game which encourage tactical approach and increase the number of possible combos. All heroes can interact with Marks: put them on enemies, trigger or remove.

There are class Marks and faction Marks.

Class and Faction Marks[]

Some heroes can put their class Mark when they attack an enemy.

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Some heroes can put a Mark of their faction by means of some of their skills.

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How it works[]

Once placed, Marks will be active until the marked hero is attacked by a particular enemy hero or until the Mark is removed by an ally.

Every faction has:

  • 2 heroes that put Marks on enemies.
  • 3-4 heroes that trigger these Marks.
  • 1-2 heroes that remove enemy Marks from allied heroes.

Class Mark can be triggered by heroes of a particular class.

Faction Marks imply interaction of at least two heroes of the same faction.

Example: Kobold Guard can put the Kobolds faction Mark by using his skill 'Enraging Strike' against the enemy hero. Subsequently, Spear Kobold’s skill 'Sudden Strike' inflicts critical damage on heroes with the Kobolds faction Mark.

You can find out what kind of Mark a hero has in the 'Skills' section on a hero page. To understand better how to combine Marks within a particular faction, read our Guides.