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Myrddin is the Caster of the Druids faction.


Together with his brethren Myrddin had been leading the Druids' Circle for a many century. Their goal was to preserve Arrat, but they failed. Each and every druid was a master of one of the nature's domains. Myrddin was a Master of Thunder.

During the Cataclysm Myrddin was one of those who casted a spell which drove the Demons off, but unfortunately destroyed the Arrat. All Myrddin's efforts are now focused on restoring the ancient world. He's been waiting for a new great hero, one of the True Mages who will be capable of entering the Dark Tower.


Lightning Bolt[]

Basic attack with a lightning bolt.

Thunder Strike[]

All enemies take damage and get DoT.

Targets with Druid faction Mark on them will be slowed down.

Thunder Fury[]

Deals significant damage to all enemies and has a chance to make them skip turn.

Thunder Retribution[]

Passive skill. If Myrddin receives damage from a ranged attack, the attacker takes damage too.

How to get[]

Myrddin is available at the clan store.