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Ra'Archne Queen is the Boss of the Ra'Arachne faction.


The rulers of the Ra'Archne – the Queens – have always been a complete enigma to external worlds. Endowed with a keen mind, capable of spawning workers and soldiers and controlling all of them at a time, the Queens once planned to extend their power and conquer all other remnants. It finally led to long and bloody wars with denizens of the surface such that out of caution, the Ra'Archne ended up being treated as cruel monstrosities and lesser demons that must be liquidated on first acquintance. However, it is harder than it seems. Reaching a Queen's lair is already a difficult task, but putting her to the sword is much more complicated.

The Queen is an immense arachnid meaning she's able to crush whole enemy armies on her own. A green beating heart of hers is hidden thoroughly behind both solid carapace and enormous pincers. The one who wants to kill the Queen needs to slice off her limbs first, then pierce the carapace to strike her to the heart before the Queen regrows the damaged body parts again.


Left Claw.png

Left Claw[]

This attack deals heavy damage to all enemies and has a chance to reduce their accuracy for a number of turns.

Right Claw.png

Right Claw[]

This attack causes light damage to all enemies but also poisons, slows them down and has a chance to forbid them to use any abilities except basic attacks.

Royal Toxin.png

Royal Toxin[]

The Queen's deadly bite causes incredible damage to a single target and has a chance to poison the victim profoundly.

Queen's Iron Will.png

Queen's Iron Will[]

The Queen regrows damaged claws and heals herself.

Removes all Marks from her body parts.

How to get[]

Ra'Archne Queen's shards will not be available. At one time she did appear in the Hero list of available heros, but has since been removed.