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Raarspit is the Ranged Damager of the Ra'Archne faction.


Raarspits are a specific kind of the Ra'Archne warriors specialized in long range attacks. Four muscular legs bear a Raarspit body in rear side of which a green venomous liquid generates gradually. Repugnant face and two front legs serve exclusively for spitting balls of poisonous and acid slime.




Raarspit's basic attack with a slime.

☀Raarspit has a chance to perform an additional attack if the enemy is suffering from poison or slowdown.

Poison Squirt.png

Poison Squirt[]

The insectoid secretes venomous substance and spits it at an enemy, which poisons the target and causes it to lose HP for a number of turns.

Puts Rogue class Mark. If the victim is attacked by a Rogue, it is subjected to additional damage over time.

Sticky Slime.png

Sticky Slime[]

Raarspit secretes a special slime that slows an enemy down.

If there is the Ra'Archne faction Mark on the enemy, it will skip next turn.

How to get[]

Raarspit's shards can be found in: