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Raids are a clan-based game mode that can only be activated by clan leaders and clan officers using Portal Stones. Raids consist of nodes on a map containing high-level enemies. Attempting a node requires 10 Raid Energy. Completing each node will reward Silver, Raid Tokens, Experience Potions, and Raid Points. If you fail a node, each enemy that is damaged or slain will remain so, and your fallen characters must be revived using Healing Kits.

When a Raid begins, 3 teams of 10 are created. Whoever activated the Raid is automatically placed into Team 1 and the remaining 29 clan members must then select a team to join the Raid.

Raid Progress & Reward Tiers[]

Completing more nodes on the map increases the Clan's overall Raid Progress in percentage. Reaching a higher Raid Progress yields better rewards. The first Reward Tier is at 30% Raid Progress, Reward Tier 2 is at 60%, and Reward Tier 3 is at 100%. If you do not reach 30% Raid Progress, you do not receive rewards at the end of the raid.

Raid Points[]

Each enemy slain will reward the player with Raid Points -- even if the node is failed after defeating an enemy. Each member in the player's clan will be ranked by the number of Raid Points they have and rewarded according to the leaderboard accessible within a tab of the ongoing Raid. The rewards shown on the leaderboard will only be distributed at the end of the Raid.

Raid Portal Stones


Nodes Required

For Tier 1

Rank 30

Tier 1


Nodes Required

For Tier 2

Rank 30

Tier 2 Reward

Portal to the

Unknown I

9,333 297 Raid Tokens153 Clan Tokens

24k Silver

356 Raid Tokens171 Clan Tokens

27.6k Silver

Portal to the

Unknown II

17,500 294 Raid Tokens151 Clan Tokens

23.6k Silver

353 Raid Tokens169 Clan Tokens

27.2k Silver

Portal to the

Unknown III

446 Raid Tokens208 Clan Tokens

33.2k Silver

534 Raid Tokens234 Clan Tokens

38.2k Silver

Portal to the

Unknown IV

19,000 679 Raid Tokens290 Clan Tokens

47.1k Silver

810 Raid Tokens321 Clan Tokens

54.3k Silver

Fire Gates I 12,000 1.4k Golden Fish11.2k Silver

120 Raid Tokens

1.5k Golden Fish13k Silver

146 Raid Tokens

Fire Gates II 13,000 1.7k Golden Fish16.5k Silver

188 Raid Tokens

1.9k Golden Fish19k Silver

228 Raid Tokens

Fire Gates III 2.3k Golden Fish33.2k Silver

446 Raid Tokens

2.5k Golden Fish38.2k Silver

534 Raid Tokens

Note: All tiers reward a Raid Chest; Players will receive either more or less equipment from the chest based on Raid and Tier