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Rizer is the Rogue of the Ra'Archne faction.


Rizer is a stealthy spy and adept assassin of the Ra'Archne. He exists to emerge from nowhere, kill and disappear totally unseen. Riser can dig in any surface, then leap at the victim, take the prey by surprise and erase it with razor-sharp appendages. Even the most seasoned warriors are not fast enough to react when a chitinous lump of fury and death materializes underfoot.

Bony, spiny Rizer's body, covered with sturdy chitin, is tooled for sudden attack and subsequent instant retreat.


Rizer Strike.png

Rizer Strike[]

Basic attack with razor-sharp appendag

Dig In.png

Dig In[]

Rizer digs in for a number of turns, becoming invulnerable to enemy attacks. While dug in, Rizer cannot be selected as a target. His next attack is likely to deal critical damage.

Rizer Leap.png

Rizer Leap[]

Causes considerable damage and if the ability is used during 'Dig In', the target takes additional damage over time (DOT).

If there is the Ra'Archne faction Mark on the target, the victim cannot be healed for a number of turns.

How to get[]

Rizer's shards can be found in: