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Rogar is the Tank of the Dragonkin faction.


Rogar is the last descendant of the Dragon Paladins Order, a faction that was scarce even before the Cataclysm. The chosen warriors of those would take a solemn oath to combat the evil in all of its forms, protect the feeble and carry the light against the darkness. While Rogar was doing his duty, a city of his clan was captured by the Legion under the leadership of a demon-lord named Abaddon. All his relatives were slaughtered, so Rogar swore to seek out the murderers and do justice upon them. It has been a while since he's been hunting Abaddon down, and now he is closer than ever to accomplishing his goal.

Rogar is equipped with dragon paladin armor and shield. According to a legend, they were forged within the fire of the dragon-father – the creator of the Dragonkin faction.


Dragon Blade.png

Dragon Blade[]

Rogar's basic attack.

Bastion of Faith.png

Bastion of Faith[]

Rogar increases his armor and provokes the enemies to choose only him as their attack target for a number of turns.

At skill level 5, will put a Melee Damager class Mark on all enemies. When enemies are attacked by a Melee Damager, their armor decreases.

Searing Light.png

Searing Light[]

Rogar sticks his sword into the earth and calls a blazing strike of light hitting all enemies.

Speed bar of the enemy hero empties if there is the Dragonkin faction Mark on hi