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Rok is the Caster of the Beastmen faction.


Years ago Rok was a mere human, an apprentice of a great magician named Ilintar. His master would spend all his time in the tower where he conducted ambitious experiments with his apprentice's assistance. Once the tower was attacked by five other masters, longing to take possession of Ilintar's knowledge and power. The combat was fierce and unequal, and what made it worse, Rok was drawn into the magic vortex in the heat of action where he was affected by a transmutation spell. That's how a man turned into an anthropomorphic racoon. Luckily, he was safe and sound, since Ilintar handed his spell book into Rok's pawns and teleported him miles away. Thanks to the grimoire of the deceased master, Rok outlived the Calaclysm.

Today, the racoon wants to continue his master's work and find a spell that can make him a human again, but a possibility to rectify the consequences of the Cataclysm would be welcome as well.




Rok throws a small but mighty firebolt.

Frost Spike.png

Frost Spike[]

Rok consults his grimoire, finds the proper spell and unleashes massive spikes that deal considerable damage to the enemy.

Places the Beastmen faction Mark on the target.



A legendary fire spell setting all enemies ablaze.

Frozen Prison.png

Frozen Prison[]

Rok deals damage to all enemies and turns his opponents into frozen statues, forcing them to skip one turn

How to get[]

Rok's shards can be found in: