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Roland is the Boss of the Knights of the Council faction.


Roland is one of the great Mages who has been studying magic from an early age. One day his home village was burned down and dwellers were driven into slavery by Demons. Roland starts his journey to find and set his folks free.

Little is known about his future as well as about his destiny that lies among the stars. Now he travels with his new friends in search of the powerful artifact that will help him defeat the Demon Legion.

Roland uses his magic power to attack enemies, defend himself and with time he will even be able to summon the Dragon!


Staff Strike.png

Staff Strike[]

Roland's basic.

Shield of Magic.png

Shield of Magic[]

Roland summons a magical shield that enemies have to destroy before they can deal damage to him.

Roland also covers his most damaged allied hero with a shield of equal durability.

Magic Missile.png

Magic Missile[]

Roland's powerful magic attack.

How to get[]

Roland is the main hero so you get him as soon as you start playing the game.

Roland's shards can be found in each Campaign mission.