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Seven Knives is the Ranged Damager of the Barbarians faction.


Seven Knives is renowned among barbarians. This scar-faced adventurer with a permanent sardonic grin is muffled up in a leather cloak. He travels from one village to another, occasionally staying there for more than few days. He's tall, extremely thin (for a barbarian) and lame, that's why he has to lean on a cane – a scene that used to be treated with scorn and ridicule by his bigger and less clever tribesmen. Nevertheless, it doesn't prevent him from being remarkably accurate at throwing knives. Remarkably.

It is said his entire family was killed by bandits, and his home was burned to the ground when he was a child. This is how Seven Knives found himself an orphan in the middle of severe northern winter. He had nowhere to go. The child was going to die. Nobody knows how but Seven Knives has survived. More than that, he tracked down and murdered the whole bandit band which had been the cause of his family's death. Since then he's been wandering and been making ends meet by hunting monsters (both ordinary beasts and the monsters who hide under human disguise).

Seven Knives wears a leather cloak with a fur collar, a loose shirt and brown trousers. His appearance is also complemented with a pair of winter boots. An ammunition belt with seven knives hangs around his chest.


Knife Throw.png

Knife Throw[]

Basic ranged attack with a knife.

Grand Seven.png

Grand Seven[]

The barbarian throws seven knives in a row at a single target. Every successful throw reduces the enemy initiative by ⅓.

If there is the Barbarian faction Mark on the enemy, Seven Knives performs an additional basic attack.

Knife of Mercy.png

Knife of Mercy[]

An extremely powerful ranged attack which immediately kills an enemy if they have less than 30% of their health. If Knife of Mercy kills an opponent, its cooldown refreshes at once.

How to get[]

Seven Knives's shards cannot be found at the moment.