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Sharazar is the Rogue of the Changelings faction.


Sharazar is an experienced spy and assassin, a cold-blooded professional capable of accomplishing his task whatever the cost. He wears form-fitting dark clothes and is accompanied by an exceptionally intelligent black raven named Harir who aids Sharazar in his perilous undertaking.

Sharazar is a master of throwing knives and dual wielding. But when push comes to shove, he assumes his adversary's shape to temporarily use enemy powers.



Soaring Blade[]

Basic attack with a throwing knife.


Raven Eyes[]

Sharazar sends an unkindness of ravens to amplify the amount of damage his enemies receive.


Two Blades[]

Sharazar dashes at an enemy slashing them with two blades.

4 Changeling Will

Sharazar assumes a chosen target's shape and gains the ability to use enemy skills for a number of turns. The ability also enhances Sharazar's fortitude.

How to get[]

Sharazar's shards can be found: