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Shards are used to unlock new heroes or increase heroes' Rarity.

Unlocking new heroes[]

To unlock a new hero, you need to collect a certain number of their Shards.

To unlock a 1-star hero, you need to collect their 10 Shards.

Shard Kobold Soothsayer.png
Shard Kobold Guard.png
Shard Kobold Scout.png
Shard Kobold Slinger.png
Shard Spear Kobold .png
Shard Kobolock.png

Shards are rewarded for completing certain missions in the Campaign mode. You can also buy them in the Shop.

To find out which missions reward Shards, tap on Search.

Increasing Rarity[]

To increase a hero’s Rarity you need:

  • 15 Shards for 2-star Rarity and 4 000 Silver;
  • 25 Shards for 3-star Rarity and 25 000 Silver;
  • 30 Shards for 4-star Rarity and 50 000 Silver;
  • 65 Shards for 5-star Rarity and 400 000 Silver;
  • 80 Shards for 6-star Rarity and 1 800 000 Silver;
  • 100 Shards for 7-star Rarity and 6 000 000 Silver.

Some heroes have a certain Rarity level and must be assembled accordingly. You unlock these heroes by collecting the necessary number of Shards to raise them to a particular Rarity level.

Example: Abaddon has initially 4-star Rarity level when unlocked. To unlock him, you need to collect 80 Shards.