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Shni is the Rogue of the Kobolds faction.


This cunning green rowdy is known for his hiding skill and unexpected speed. Shni uses any available trickery in the battle like collecting poisonous insects to cover his jagged bone blade. Tribesmen often send Shni forward to find out where and whom to rob or prepare a place for an ambush.

Shni wears cloak from the skins of small animals in which he pokes up bunches of grass to shape the invisible with the surrounding terrain.


Dagger Strike.png

Dagger Strike[]

Shni performs an insidious attack with his dagger.

Poison Spike.png

Poison Spike[]

Shni attacks the enemy with a poisonous dagger.

The blow puts poison effect and slows an enemy down for a number of turns.

Triggers Rogue Mark forcing an enemy to attack hero with the highest number of Hit Points.

Kobold Camouflage.png

Kobold Camouflage[]

The Kobold hides get a chance to dodge enemy attacks and also increases critical hit chance for all Kobolds for a number of turns and gives bonus dodge chance for each alive Kobold is the squad.

Puts Rogue Mark.

How to get[]

Shni's shards can be found in:

  • Story - Act 1, Chapter 4, 9, Heroic
  • Market - 4 shards/ 200g
  • Arena -
  • ToH - Non Farmable