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Silver Moon is the Healer of the Barbarians faction.


Silver Moon is very young, but she already healed dozens of people, crushed many enemies and is respected among her folk. Silver Moon travels through the lands of the Barbarian tribes, stopping in the villages and campfires. Silver Moon is welcomed everywhere, because all the barbarians know that she has power to take away the most serious illness and even prevent death. In addition, the Silver Moon has an excellent fighting mace and many robbers have already discovered it with great surprise.

Silver Moon is dressed in simple, loose clothes made of skins and leather with ornaments like that of other barbarians. She has tattoos of special color that identify her as a healer.


Mace Strike.png

Mace Strike[]

Silver Moon's basic attack.

Healing Flow.png

Healing Flow[]

Gradually restores a percentage of max health to all allies for a number of turns. The skill has a chance to remove damage over time.

Removes all marks from allies.

Waters of Life.png

Waters of Life[]

The health of all allies cannot drop below 1 for a number of turns. After the effect has finished, the ability restores a percentage of allies' health.

How to get[]

Silver Moon's shards can be found in: