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Each hero has at least three skills that could be used in battle.

Types of Skills[]

There are three types of skills: active, passive and leader’s skill.

Some skills can put faction Marks on enemies starting from 4-6 skill levels.

Active skills[]

Active skills are used directly in battle. Active skills include: attacking, healing, strengthening and weakening the stats of other heroes.

Example: Rogar’s skill ‘Searing Light’ uses the element of light to inflict damage.

Passive skills[]

Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated.

Example: Kobold Soothsayer’s passive skill ‘Fear the Soothsayer’ gives all Kobolds in her squad a +15% boost to all stats.

Leaders’ skills[]

Leaders’ skills are special skills that have influence on the whole squad.

To make sure leaders’ skill works, you must place a hero with this skill at the head of your squad when creating it.

Only one leader’s skill can be used at a time.

Skill Cubes[]

There are special Skill Cubes used to raise the skill level of your heroes. With each skill level reached, the skill stats increase: hit power, efficiency, cooldown time and other.

Skill Cube I

Skill Cube II

Skill Cube III

Skill Cube IV

There are three levels of the Skill Cubes. Each time you go up a skill level, you need a new set of Skill Cubes.

Example: to raise a certain skill to the 2nd level, you need 2 Skill Cubes I. To advance to the 3rd level, you need 3 Skill Cubes I and 2 Skill Cubes II.

To find out which Skill Cubes you need to reach a certain skill, you can tap on the skill’s icon on the hero's screen.

Skill Cube I

Skill Cube II

Skill Cube III

Skill lvl 1 0 0 0
Skill lvl 2 2 0 0
Skill lvl 3 3 2 0
Skill lvl 4 5 3 2
Skill lvl 5 7 5 3
Skill lvl 6 8 7 5
Skill lvl 7 11 8 7
Skill lvl 8 14 11 8
Skill lvl 9 17 14 11
Skill lvl 10 20 17 14

Skill Cubes are rewarded for completing certain missions in Campaign mode. You can also buy them in the Shop.

To find out which missions reward Skill Cubes, tap on Search.