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Soothsayer Zytima is the Caster of the Kobolds faction.

And she's sexy af.


Soothsayer Zytima's mysterious powers inspire other Kobolds with fear or even horror, so tribesmen try hard to fight better in her presence. On the other hand, if Kobolds fight well they can deserve the Soothsayer's blessing and get their luck increased.

Soothsayer Zytima does not possess any serious magic, but her primitive understanding of rituals and nature delivers many troubles to the enemies.

Soothsayer Zytima uses bones and skulls of small animals and birds as pieces of decor and accessories. A large bone usually plays the role of a magic wand by which she puts curses.


Rod Strike.png

Rod Strike[]

Soothsayer Zytima's basic attack with her rod.

Anger of Flies.png

Anger of Flies[]

Soothsayer Zytima sends a spirit in form of swarm of the furious flies that decreases all stats of the enemy by some % for a number of turns. Flies deal damage depending on the number of buffs and debuffs on the enemy.

Puts Healer class Mark – a healer would attack the target twice.

Soothsayer Luck.png

Soothsayer Luck[]

Soothsayer Zytima shares her luck with other Kobolds so they get some % to critical hit chance for a number of turns. One of them can get a chance to get increased speed.

Removes all Marks from her kobold allies.

Fear the Soothsayer.png

Fear the Soothsayer[]

Passive skill. All allied Kobolds get their stats increased by some %. The skills doesn't affect Soothsayer Zytima herself.

How to get[]

Soothsayer Zytima's shards can be found in: