Age of Magic Wiki

Status effect is a temporary condition that affects a hero’s original set of stats. It can be either positive (buff) or negative (debuff). Status effects can be triggered with both active and passive skills.

Positive status effects (buffs)[]

Common buffs:

Armor buff.png
Increases armor or resistance to elements (Fire, Water, etc.)
Critical hit buff.png
Increases critical hit chance
Damage buff.png
Increases damage
Dexterity buff.png
Increases basic stats
Dodge buff.png
Increases physical attack dodge chance
HP buff.png
Increases health (HP)
Magic Damage buff.png
Increases strength, dexterity and intelligence
Buff power buff.png
Increases strength
Speed buff.png
Increases speed/initiative
Every melee attack against the hero causes a strike-back
Invulnerability buff.png
Immunity to any damage
Taunt buff.png
Opponent can attack only this hero
Taunt ignore buff.png
Ignores taunt/provocation (but still cannot attack 'hiding' heroes)
Invisibility buff.png
Not available for attack

Special or unique buffs:

Chitin Shiled buff.png
Akhrasht deals damage to any hero attacking him
Kobold's Fear buff.png
Kobold Soothsayer increases stats of all allied Kobolds
Persistence of Immortals buff.png
Increases Arekhon Spear's next attack damage and makes it strike back any hero who hits it

Negative status effects (debuffs)[]

Common debuffs:

Lock debuff.png
The target cannot use a part of its skillset
Accuracy debuff.png
Decreases accuracy
Armor debuff.png
Decreases armor or resistance to elements (Fire, Water, etc.)
Criticial hit debuff.png
Decreases critical hit chance
Damage debuff.png
Decreases damage
Dexterity buff-0.png
Decreases basic stats
Dodge debuff.png
Decreases physical attack dodge chance
Heal taboo.png
The target cannot be healed
HP debuff.png
Decreases health (HP)
Magical Damage debuff.png
Decreases strength, dexterity and intelligence
Buff power debuff.png
Decreases strength
Taunt debuff.png
You are taunted – only this hero can be attacked
DOT debuff.png
The target is affected by damage over time (DOT) and gets damage at the start of its next turn
Prohibition debuff.png
Blocks the possibility to apply Marks
Skip debuff.png
The target skips next turn
Slowness debuff.png
Decreases speed/initiative
Buff prohibition debuff.png
No buffs can be obtained
Block buff debuff.png
The target can apply neither positive nor negative effects