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Succubus is the Rogue of the Demons faction.


Demoness of the Abyss, Succubus is known for her maddening attractiveness and bloodthirstiness. Succubus excels in bringing pain with her whip both in fight and torturing.

Using arcane demonic spells, Succubus is able to mesmerise any living creature and thus force it to fight and die for her. When the need for an enchanted victim dies out, Succubus kills it as a wounded animal.

The Legion usually sends Succubus when it is necessary to track down and destroy a target deep in the rear of the enemy or when demons are going to take total control over a specific creature.

Skills []

Attack Succubus 01.png


Succubus's basic attack with her flaming whip.

Attack Succubus 02.png

Demonic Kiss[]

The Demoness enchants a foe so they can only attack Succubus with their basic attack for a number of turns. The kissed enemy is also poisoned for a number of turns and gets additional poisoned turn for each negative effect it already has.

If there is the Demons faction Mark on the enemy, they have to attack only tanks (if there are none, they can hit any hero).

Attack Succubus 03.png

Deadly Passion[]

This attack can never miss. If the victim is under the effect of the Demonic kiss, the Succubs deals 250% of the damage and the effect of Demonic kiss ends immediately.

How to get[]

Succubus' shards can be found in: