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Swamp Killer is the Rogue of Barbarians faction.


Swamp Killer belongs to the Cult of Assassins that worships the terrible deity — Great Serpent of the Bogs. Their living conditions are cruel and bloody battles against other tribes are not uncommon. But the name of the Swamp Tribe is horrible and disgusting even among the barbarians.

Swamp Assassins are cruel, cunning and completely devoid of pity. These merciless madmen live in the depths of the fatal bogs. Cult of the Assassins obliges both men and women to leave their villages periodically and go to the outside world. They are forbidden to return back without bringing hearts for human sacrifices.

Swamp Killer is absolutely insane and bloodthirsty by the standards of ordinary people but she sees herself as a sacred warrior who purifies the world of filth in the name of the Great Serpent. Swamp Killer is armed with a bone dagger with two blades and a bone ax.


Killer Strike.png

Killer Strike[]

Swamp Killer's basic attack.

Puts Rogue class Mark.



Swamp Killer deals increased damage to an enemy.

Causes critical hit and ignores dodge if there was Barbarians faction Mark on enemy.

Cleaving Axe.png

Cleaving Axe[]

Swamp Killer deals damage to a single enemy and slows him down.

Killer Accuracy.png

Killer Accuracy[]

Passive skill.

Increases Swamp Killer’s dodge chance, critical hit chance and makes her attacks cannot be dodged (but she can still miss).

How to get[]

Swamp Killer 's shards can be found in:

  • Act 5, Chapters 6 and 10, Heroic;
  • Shop (for gold).