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Tahit is the Melee Damager of the Ra'Archne faction.


Tahits are fast and deadly Ra'Archne warriors. They rely on speed and lethal venomous strikes in battle. The bodies of Tahits are studded with sharp and poisonous thorns growing from each Tahit's limb.

The body of Tahits is covered with a chitinous shell, but it's far from being as strong as that of Akrasht. Although their attacks do not seem very powerful, the target will understand how wrong it was when poisoned. As soon as the victim begins to weaken, it won't take long until Tahit brings death to it.



Rapid Spike[]

Tahit's basic attack.

Venomous Spikes.png

Venomous Spikes[]

Tahit stabs an enemy with two spikes making the target take damage from poison for a number of turns. The skills removes one random buff.

If there is the Ra'Archne faction Mark on the target, the posion effect lasts longer.

Flurry of Spikes.png

Flurry of Spikes[]

Tahit inflicts heavy damage to a target and if it's already poisoned, it takes even more damage. The enemy takes more damage for each negative effect.

Puts Healer class Mark. Attacked by a hero of this class, the target skips next turn.

How to get[]

Tahit's shards can be found in: