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Taneda is the Melee Damager of Elves faction.


Taneda's past is the life of a proud samurai of one of the Elven clans. One day a clan leader, which Taneda was a part of, entered into an agreement with the Legion. In exchange for weapons and resources that the Elves desperately needed to effectively wage a war against each other, the leader was supposed to give the Legion a mere trifle – a part of his very soul. Taneda refused to be the Demons' myrmidon and fled away. Thus, he violated the oath and, according to the Elven Laws, it made him a forsworn – a ronin.

Now, Taneda is wandering among Shards, cherishing an idea of tracking down his daimyō and killing him as punishment for briniing the shame on his clan by concluding the agreement with the Demons.

Taneda is swift and his attacks are outstandingly precise.


Katana Strike.png

Katana Strike[]

Taneda's' basic attack.

Warrior's Heart.png

Warrior's Heart[]

Taneda rushes forward and lands 3 quick strikes in a row.

At Level 5: Puts Healer class Mark on the enemy. If it is attacked by a Healer, it will be poisoned for number of turns.

Blood Rose.png

Blood Rose[]

An advanced spiritual technique dealing 7 strikes simultaneously.

Taneda cannot miss if there is Elven faction Mark on the enemy. One of the strikes is guaranteed critical.

How to get[]

Taneda is one of the main heroes so you get him in Act 1 for free.

Taneda's shards can be found in: