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The Last Guardian is the Boss of the Druids faction.

Lore []

The Last Guardian is one of the giant battle mechanisms which was created by the ancient order of the Druids to stop the war and prevent the Cataclysm saving the world from destruction. The largest of Guardians towered over the mountains, but even those, considered small, were many times larger than ordinary people.

There is only one Guardian left now — The Last Guardian. As legends say, it wanders among the remains of its brethren in the valley, where the last battle took place. The Last Guardian continues to execute the mission for which it was created — to protect its remnant from destruction.




The Last Guardian deals a thunderous punch and makes enemy skip turn.

Green Ray.png

Green Ray[]

The Last Guardian attacks all enemies by all-burning ray from its 'eye'.

Puts Boss class Mark. Attacked by a Boss, the enemy can perform only basic attacks for a number of turns.



The Last Guardian deals double strike with his fists to cause an earthquake. Removes all positive effects from its enemies and makes all the enemies skip turn.

How to get[]

The Last Guardian's shards can be found in:

  • Shop (for gold) – a bit later, not available right now.