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Troddar is the Tank of the Dwarves faction.


Troddar is the legendary Shieldbearer of the heavy infantry of the Dwarven Empire. These armored warriors embody the authentic endurance and firmness of their folk. Genearlly speaking, being a kind of towering steel bastion that forces the enemy hordes to wash against is their true vocation. In addition to the impenetrable armor, these warriors use immense shield and traditional one-handed warhammer.

Troddar is an indomitable warrior. Similarly to his sworn brother Ambror, Troddar took an oath to return the royal hammer and the crown to the Dwarves. Now these two warriors are wandering in quest of lost relics.


Hammer Strike-0.png

Hammer Strike[]

Troddar's basic attack with crushing hammer (or rather sledge).

Stunning Shield.png

Stunning Shield[]

The dwarf performs the shield blow that deals double damage and makes the enemy skip next turn.

Challenge the Shieldbearer.png

Challenge the Shieldbearer[]

Troddar hits his own shield, taunting the opponents and making them attack only him for a number of turns.

All enemies with the Dwarves faction Mark are subjected to a slower abilities cooldown.

How to get[]

Troddar's shards can be found in: