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Trorin is the Boss of the Dwarves faction.


Trorin is the youngest son of the last King of the Dwarves. His elder brother Dainard is a heir, but according to an ancient tradition, he cannot take the throne without the attributes of power — the hammer and the crown that were lost after the death of the King. Trorin is young, but already shows the qualities for which his blood is famous — persistence, cast-iron will and strong mind.

While the elder brother is forced to play political games with dwarven clan leaders and keep the remnants of the Empire from the final collapse, Trorin is in search of the lost relics of his people. Despite his youth, Trorin is a mighty fighter and a leader who is followed by dwarf warriors without a doubt. His armor and weapon are decorated with golden patterns but they are strong enough to withstand huge damage.

Trorin fights with an immense two-handed battlehammer, which many weaker warriors would not even be able to raise. The runes on his magical weapon allow him to send a hail of rocks on the enemies and strengthen the allies' resistance to enemy magic.


Sledgehammer Strike.png

Sledgehammer Strike[]

Trorin's basic attack with his hammer.

Mountain Durability.png

Mountain Durability[]

Trorin uses the power of runes to increase the magic resistance of his allies.

Takes away all faction and class Marks from allied heroes.

Stone Rain.png

Stone Rain[]

Trorin hurls a rain of stones on enemies dealing damage to all of them with a chance to reduce their speed.

Son of Kings.png

Son of Kings[]

Passive skill. Trorin permanently increases armor for all allied Dwarves.

How to get[]

Trorin's shards can be found in: