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Tsuna is the Rogue of the Beastmen faction.


Foxes are subspecies of Beastmen. Foxes themselves are curious, rowdy, sly, crafty and (at first sight) reckless opportunists full of infinite optimism. They are driven by an insatiable thirst for adventure, a desire to find new places and meet new people. Some say that a fox deprived of such an opportunity falls ill and then peaks and pines.

Tsuna is a young fox from a camp. She, as frequently occurs, was so carried away by her another adventure than she has finally ended up going astray. Camp travels in a hectic way and moves in unpredictable directions that is why seeking it out is not the simplest task. Anyways, Tsuna doesn't seem to be really concerned: she just shrugs her shoulders, smiles and says that she will cope with that. Tsuna cannot bear even a few motionless seconds, so she is in constant movement.

In battle she acts the way she behaves in real life – it seems thoughtless, but in the end, she gets her way. Not surprisingly, though.




Tsuna strikes an enemy with her combat yo-yo.

Missed Me-0.png

Missed Me[]

Tsuna's dodge as well as her speed are increased for a number of turns.

Yo Fatty-0.png

Yo Fatty[]

Tsuna starts grimacing and teasing her foes that's why they can choose only Tsuna as their attack target. There is also a chance that Tsuna would strike them back.

Activates the Beastmen faction Mark. Marked enemies can only use an ability with the maximum cooldown available at the moment of their turn. If there are two or more abilities with the same cooldown, the enemy can choose any of them.

How to get[]

Tsuna's shards can be found in: