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Velundar is the Caster of the Dwarves faction.


The Dwarves take a dim view of magic and warlocks that's why those who can rule the power of elements are scarce among them. Nevertheless, these few bathe in influence and respect for they become rune blacksmiths – past masters of the Earth element and smithcraft. With time, rune blacksmiths are able to forge glorious artifacts: armor and weapon rich in the power of the Earth herself. Such masterpieces cost a fortune, they are fought for and they are admired by bards and artists. And that's not all. A blacksmith is also capable of applying the rune power in battle, increasing the strength of his blows. The runes eventually become a part of their own body, and then they even come out on their skin. The more powerful the blacksmith, the bigger and the brighter the runes.

Velundar is the last imperial rune blacksmith, one of those who have been forging weapon and armor for lords for thousands of years. Just like many other dwarves, Velundar is in thorough search of lost relics.

Velundar wears runic armor and a hammer of rune blacksmith. The shining of runes makes him visible in the deepest darkness, so the enemies rush to him like a moth to a flame... to finally burn like the moth in the flame of his anger. 


Stone Hurl.png

Stone Hurl[]

Throws a massive stone by means of magic.

Rune of Fury.png

Rune of Fury[]

The power of earth helps Velundar increase the damage of all allies for a number of turns.

Curse Rune.png

Curse Rune[]

The ability deals damage over time to an enemy and decreases their own damage for a number of turns.

Puts the Tank class Mark. Attacked by a tank, the target takes full damage, without regard to armor and magic resistance.

Earthquake Rune.png

Earthquake Rune[]

Velundar's powerful spell deals damage to all enemies and decreases their power for a number of turns.

Puts the Dwarves faction Mark.

Earth Power.png

Earth Power[]

Passive skill. All Dwarves in the squad are dealing bonus magical damage.

How to get[]

Velundar's shards can be found in: