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Wyrm Priest is the Boss of the Kobolds faction.


It is not surprising why there are Wyrm Priests in the tribes. Worshiping the Wyrm — the ancient embodiment of fear, hunger and anger — gives chance to the Priest for getting the power of his monstrous master. Or to become sacrifice itself. Quite in the style of Kobolds.

The fact that Kobolds with their beliefs were not taken seriously earlier leads to catastrophic consequences in our days, like destruction of entire villages and even cities.

Wyrm Priest wears a bone amulet and a staff with a raven skull. Some of them can be easily recognized by their special appearance.


Swamp Ray.png

Swamp Ray[]

Wyrm Priest's basic attack with a swap ray shot.

Curse of the Wyrm.png

Curse of the Wyrm[]

Wyrm Priest poisons all enemies, so they receive damage for a number of turns.

Accuracy of all the enemies with the Kobolds faction Mark decreases, no one can inflict critical damage.

Wyrm Blessing.png

Wyrm Blessing[]

Priest calls his master for a blessing so all friendly Kobolds increase their damage.

The Wyrm.png

The Wyrm[]

Priest summons a spirit of the Wyrm, which appears to his call and deals great damage to all enemies.

Puts Caster class Mark. The next Caster who attacks the marked hero deals critical damage.

How to get[]

Wyrm Priest's shards can be found in:

  • Shop (for gold).
  • Arena shop