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Xaart is the Healer of the Demons faction.


Years ago Xaart was one of the most powerful priests among all the tribes of the barbarians. Those days he would never stop in his quest for strength, believing the end justifies the means. Once, accompanying the leader and the best warriors of his tribe, he fell into an ambush set by the enemy. Seeing that even incredible combat skills would not save his allies, he turned to forbidden knowledge. At that moment he read the Illusory Immortality spell, so the allies' wounds were cured and the fallen warriors came back to life.

Having gained victory barbarians headed back to the settlement. However, the dark gods took their payment. All those who were affected by the spell quickly began to lose their life forces. Valiant warriors literally before very eyes of their folk turned into decrepit old men and died. When the tribesmen saw this, they became enraged. No one doubted that Xaart had become a henchman of Demons and would soon be the cause of big trouble. Xaart voluntarily agreed for judgment expecting that the tribal council would find no guilty. However, the council was afraid of the incredible Xaart's power and no one dared to debate the fact that it was better to execute him before it was too late. In anger the priest decided to show the tribe elders his true power, becoming what they believed him to be — a sorcerer fighting on the side of Demons. Xaart destroyed the council and fled the settlement.

Many years have passed since then. Xaart could not find a place where he belongs. The crime committed by him left a mark on his appearance. Now all living beings see him as enemy. Xaart himself is focused on what he always wanted — gaining knowledge, whatever it costs him. Now he is doomed to eternal wandering around the world in solitude, transforming to a true Demon with each passing day.

Skills []



Xaart's basic attack with fire magic.

Darkness of Oblivion.png

Darkness Of Oblivion[]

Xaart performs the spell which increases the dodge rate of his allies for a number of turns. The ability also slows enemies down.

Illusory Immortality.png

Illusory Immortality[]

Xaart restores a large percentage of HP to all allied heroes and has a 50% chance to resurrect up to three dead ones. The percentage of health restored will be deducted from all heroes over the course of two turns. Resurrected characters can’t be killed but they all will die after two turns.

Removes all Marks from friendly heroes.

How to get[]

Xaart's shards can be found in: